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Anthemion Jutoh 2.90.11 Rus/ML + Голосовой модуль Максим Portable by Maverick

10 июня 2019Portable
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Anthemion Jutoh 2 — оперативно создаcт для Вас электронные книги (ebooks) в цифровом виде в популярных форматах, которые Вы можете продать на многих ebook-сайтах. Создайте свой проект за несколько секунд из существующих файлов, используя New Project Wizard, или создайте свою книгу «на пустом месте», используя встроенный стилизованный текстовый редактор.
Выберите проект обложки книги из шаблонов Jutoh’s, или создайте Вашу собственную обложку, благодаря встроенному редактору обложек.
В особенность сборки входит то, что в программу интегрирован русский голосовой модуль Максим и преобразователь LAME, чтобы создавать аудио книги в формате МР3.


»»» Вывод.epub
»»» Вывод.mobi для Kindle
»»» Вывод.txt
»»» Вывод.odt
»»» Речевой вывод синтетической речи MP3
»»» Проектировщик обложки
»»» Импорт из ODT, HTML, текста
»»» Условное содержание
»»» Гибкое средство конфигурации
»»» Несколько стилей
»»» Средство переопределения CSS
»»» Настраивaемые атрибуты метаданных
»»» Мастер страницы содержания
»»» Поддержка алфавитного указателя
»»» Поддержка сносок/примечаний
»»» Полная поддержка USB
»»» Фрагменты для хранения исследований
»»» Рабочий стол для ярлыков и примечаний
»»» Проверка книги с EpubCheck
»»» Конфигурируемый запуск электронной книги
»»» Оптимизация для iBook
»»» Импорт и экспорт из различных форматов: OpenOffice.org , Word, TXT, HTML и др.
»»» Встроенный мастер создания проектов и обложек
»»» Проверка орфографии
»»» Высокая скорость импорта различных объектов в проект
»»» Поддержка ”гoрячих” клавиш
»»» Создание текстовых и графических заметок а также слайд-шоу
»»» Доступ к нужным документам и приложениям через Jutoh Desktop
»»» Резервное копирование материала
и многое другое…

Jutoh Benefits:

Fast to import your existing content, whether in text, HTML, or OpenDocument.

Fast to create your Epub, Mobipocket or other format.

Fast to edit content and switch between variations of your ebooks.
Jutoh is written in C++ so runs at top speed — no frustrating delays.

Multi-platform design
Jutoh runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and various other Unix-based systems, and you can easily copy your files between machines of different kinds. One licence can be used on multiple operating systems simultaneously; and rest assured that if you buy a different kind of desktop or laptop, you don’t have to leave your way of working behind and buy new software.

Create ebook variations rapidly
Thanks to Jutoh’s configurations, you can describe differences between versions of your book — a different cover, a different title page, different formatting — all without needing separate projects. Just select a different configuration and click Compile. This is invaluable when you are distributing ebooks using different sites with slightly different requirements.

Ebook checking gives you confidence
Jutoh installs Adobe’s EpubCheck and EpubPreflight checker programs, so you can easily check your Epub book for internal errors or problems that might arise with specific readers. The checkers are run within Jutoh, so you don’t have to mess about with invoking the applications yourself.

HTML, text, ODT, and Epub import
Jutoh imports from a range of formats. Using an application such as OpenOffice.org or the OpenDocument plugin for Microsoft Word, your existing word processor files can be saved in ODT (Open Document Format) for import into Jutoh. Or you can import from plain text or HTML, or an existing Epub ebook.

‘Configurations’ allow extensive customisation
Jutoh’s configuration facility allows you to define a version of your book that has its own cover, style sheet, and even variations in content (such as a title page with text specific to a web site or publisher).

Configurable ebook launching
You need to check that your book looks good on a variety of ebook platforms. Jutoh lets you add viewer applications so you can easily choose the desired ebook reader for viewing your generated book.

Spelling checker
Check for typos with the built-in spellchecker, available in a number of languages.

Keyboard shortcuts for high-speed editing
Use keyboard shortcuts to make editing your projects fast and natural.

Online Manual
The comprehensive online manual documents all aspects of Jutoh.

Help window
The help window allows you to browse Jutoh manuals from within Jutoh, side-by-side with your work. You can maximize it to take up the whole window while reading a topic, or unpin it to show it in a window of its own.

Scraps facility
You can keep your research and random ideas: notes, pictures, and document and web links. On Windows, use auto-paste to quickly paste scraps by copying text, graphics or web links twice in succession in any other application.

Access to tools and applications is available via the Jutoh Desktop. You can customize the desktop look, add your favourite applications and documents, and create text and picture notes. You can even create a rolling slideshow of pictures to inspire you.

USB memory key support
Jutoh has superb support for external drives, such as USB memory keys. You can use an external drive for your documents and for all your Jutoh preferences, and you can even install Jutoh entirely onto the drive for complete portability. You can then switch between different machines and operating systems, taking all your documents and settings with you.

Backup Facility
The File Manager tool gives you an easy way to back up your precious files, without resorting to an additional tool. Specify File Sets that include all files of a given type, and create a backup with just a few clicks. You can also easily restore files from a backup archive.

A global search tool helps you search all your open documents, allowing you to see all the search results in a list and step through them.

Shows your image and collage scraps in succession, in a window or full-screen.

Specify notebook and journal font styles and sizes; and brighten up window backgrounds with the supplied textures, or your own.

Что нового:

Version 2.90, June 7th, 2019

Added the command Tools | Web Search (F2) which searches the web for the selected text. You can customise the URL via Preferences/Helpers/Web search command.
Added Create personalised books option in the Batch Compile dialog, taking records from a text file, storing them in a string table and then compiling one book per record with changed content. This is a Jutoh Plus feature.
Added a new sample ‘Heritage Screenplay.jutoh’ demonstrating screenplay formatting styles and keyboard shortcuts, and auto-scene numbering using sequence fields. The sample also demonstrates removing scene summary content during ODT output but showing the summaries in Book outline mode in the Inspector.
The Book outline view in the Inspector now takes into account bold formatting and capitalization in the heading styles.
When compiling the Book outline in the Inspector, Jutoh now looks first at the Outline Style to find headings. If nothing matches, Jutoh uses the advanced table of contents settings to find headings. Failing that, Jutoh looks for an outline level within each individual heading.
Fixed closing level tags in DAISY format.
Fixed parsing quotation marks in imported Markdown.
You can now specify string names in the Book file name, Book folder, and pre and post-compile command options.
The last-edited string table is now shown in the project properties and preferences dialogs, within a Jutoh session.
The configuration option Replace strings in content is now on by default.
When importing from DOCX and ODT, Jutoh now only deduces auto-numbering should be on if headings have numbered bullets, not symbol bullets. This reduces the false positives when heading styles have accidentally been used in lists.
On Linux, an extra ‘Custom’ submenu is added to the Format menu if you have any custom shortcuts for styles or symbols. This is needed for shortcuts to work in full-screen mode.
After changing a style, Jutoh now invalidates cached buffers that would otherwise cause some windows to fail to update correctly, such as the ‘Book outline’ view in the Inspector.
Added Help menu to the Inspector «…» menu.
Replaced references to iBooks with Apple Books, except where setting names need to remain the same.
File | Print (opening an HTML file in a web browser for printing) now works for the Scraps hierarchy if a document under Scraps is selected.
File | Export | OpenDocument now works for the Scraps hierarchy if a document under Scraps is selected.
If multiple sequence fields in the same document have the same identifier, they will be renamed during a compile to avoid giving an error. This allows you to copy and paste content that contains sequences without problems caused by the repeated sequence field identifiers.
If the copy part of a cut operation fails (for example because the clipboard is busy), Jutoh no longer deletes the selection. Also, on Windows, Jutoh now tries multiple times to access the clipboard before giving up to allow the clipboard to become free.
Fixed a bug in the style list display when style names contain the pipe character.
Added a warning when Amazon product links are included, since they won’t work on Kindle for iOS. Also added an accompanying KB and an advanced setting to switch the warning off: ‘Amazon product link warning’.
Fixed import of div tags as text boxes in HTML/markdown import.
Improved regular expression matching such that multiple matches are not erroneously found by removing the character at the start and matching again. Now, the next match is sought after the end of the previous match. However, erroneous word boundaries may still be matched due to the remaining string being taken as a whole string. Documented this in the regular expression topic.
An unterminated ‘ref’ tag is now flagged up as a Jutoh error to avoid the problem only being picked up by EpubCheck.
The styles in the Formatting Palette are now refreshed when the buffer is edited, if this might change the list of styles shown.
The More menu in the Formatting Palette no longer shows commands that are not applicable if no style is selected (for example when showing character styles).
In index entries, added a third key (category) for a total of four levels in an alphabetical index.
If an index’s group style setting is empty, the group heading will no longer be emitted, instead of emitting a ‘Normal’ paragraph.
The outline level for a heading style is now only written to ODT if it matches the outline style, as defined in Project Properties/Fields & Numbering/Edit Document Outline Style. This is because otherwise, if the ODT file has outline levels defined for multiple headings, you can’t define what the actual outline should be, and the wrong heading may be used for the chapter field.
When importing an ODT file, the outline style paragraph names are now set according to the outline level in imported heading styles.
Added KB topics 0381 to 0395.

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Протестировав программу и приняв решение о полезности и необходимости вам, данного программного обеспечения — Вы должны удалить сборку и обратиться к девелоперу, для покупки лицензии на полноценную версию. Home Page

Дата выпуска: 06.2019
Платформа: Windows® XP/Vista/ 7 / 8 / на Windows 10 работа возможна, но не гарантируется!
Язык Интерфейса: Русский / English / French / German / Dutch
Таблетка: Hе требуется
Размер: 300 mb

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